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    Closed Apply for admin

    L o c k e d .
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    Report Admin llSeNpAill report

    Send ss for 2h gag if u dont have it i will close thread .
  3. Cpt.Souza

    Report Admin llSeNpAill report

    I understand u but senpai cant see every players if he was alone admin there and i dont think senapi to do it and for gag he can did it just if u did spam or something thats proof is nothing i dont know up what have .
  4. Cpt.Souza

    Closed Apply For Admin

    No in the first time u need to fix the problem with me i dont forgot !!! L o c k e d .
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    Closed Apply for admin

    In the first time you need to change the name respect every country and thats i do just for Afghanistan so need respect they !
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    Closed Apply for admin

  8. Cpt.Souza

    Closed apply admin

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    Closed blocking on team

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    Closed Apply For Admin

    C L O S E D .
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    Closed unban DZ HeRo^__^ lKingl pls

    No unban forgot it + you are id changer ! Locked .
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    Info New Support are ?

    Hello Everyone I Belive You Are Good :) Thank you all for the application the support has been chosen it is spinO we have chosen it according to the activity and work it has done we do not want to do injustice to anyone I believe most players know spinO and you know very well that how active...
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    Closed apply for admin

    Locked .
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    Closed APPLY ADMIN

    1.Respect Players and Admins 2.Respect Rule 3.Dont use bug 4.Be active 5.Then apply for admin 6. L O C K E D .
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    Info New Admins !

    New ALB-Gaming Admin! Zombie Escape: Cat | ALB GANGSTER | -ThE V!rUs- | Nami | JoeMaMa Zombie Unique: None Public: None Discord: None Congratulations To All New Admins & Have Fun ALB-Gaming Staff Team.
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    If u apply again u will get ban ! take cover locked .
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    Info New thread for NEW SUPPORT !

    Hello everyone, and we hope that you are in the best case. We choose new supports to our community in order to support our community by following the following rules. Your Nickname : Your Discord Name : Your Age : Your Country : How you can help our community ? : ALB-Gaming Staff Team
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    Info Registered Giveaway

    L O C K E D .